MACD Endowment Fund

The Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts’ Endowment Fund, Inc. (Endowment) is an independent entity established by MACD to solicit and accept funding to promote educational and informational activities focused on natural resource conservation.  The Endowment is a nonprofit corporation granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service with all contributions thereto being fully tax deductible.  Three of the major programs of the Endowment are:

Scholarships – The Endowment grants 5 scholarships each year for which currently enrolled college sophomores, juniors, and seniors may apply.  The scholarships are given in the amounts of:  M.C. Sparks, Jr., Memorial Scholarship – $5000, Herman L. Dungan, Jr. Scholarship – $5000,  Paul R. Myrick Scholarship – $5000, Jack L. Winstead Scholarship – $5000, MACD Scholarship – $5000 and may be used at any Mississippi Community/Junior College, College or University.  Additionally, the Endowment grants a $3000 scholarship to the top camper at the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Camp.  The scholarships are awarded based upon a points system as explained in the Criteria and Application Link on this page.

2020 MACD Endowment Fund Scholarship Criteria and Form

Grants to Districts – The Endowment offers up to 4 annual matching funding grants submitted by Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Districts, either individually, or in partnership with other district(s).  The purpose of the Grant Program is to assist the Districts with their educational programs and to make the public more aware of the District’s role in the conservation of our natural resources.  These grants may range from $500 to $2500 and must be matched with at least $500 in local funding.  Further details are contained in the Guidelines and Application link hereto.

MACD 2020 Endowment Fund Matching Grant

Sponsorship of the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Camp – The Endowment sponsors the annual Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Camp operated in conjunction with the Mississippi Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Mississippi Association of Conservation Districts, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service and numerous other partnering governmental agencies and private entities.


2019 flyer MSWCC Youth Camp