NRCS Employee of the Year

The objective of the NRCS Employee of the Year Award is to recognize the individual who has best-demonstrated capabilities in the areas of leadership, information/education and technical assistance to the local soil and water conservation district.  All NRCS Field Office Employees are eligible for nomination.  The soil and water conservation district must submit the nomination for each employee.  Each nomination shall be in a narrative form highlighting accomplishment above and beyond normal job duties.  The narrative is limited to two pages in length and shall not contain references to the nominee or county.  A cover sheet must accompany each narrative containing the nominee’s name; the district served and must be signed by the district chairperson.  An NRCS Employee of the Year will be selected by each MACD Area to represent the area for statewide judging.  This award will cover a one-year time frame from one MACD Summer Meeting to the next.  The narrative will be judged based on the following categories.

  1. Leadership (33 points)
    1. How does the individual assist the soil and water conservation district with programs and/or special projects? Give two examples
    2. How does the individual demonstrate ability to work with other related organizations and/or agencies? Give two examples
  1. Information/Education (33 points)

How does the individual assist the district in information/education programs/projects?  Give two examples

  1. Technical Assistance (33 points)

What assistance was provided to local landusers that helped to conserve natural resources?  Give two examples