MACD Livestock Environmental Stewardship Award Application Guidance

The MACD Livestock Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes livestock producers whose natural resource stewardship practices contribute to the environment while enhancing productivity and profitability.  Take this opportunity to nominate a livestock producer and assist the industry in presenting a positive story about their contributions to the environment.
Eligibility Requirements
By stewardship, we mean the environmentally beneficial management of natural resources.
Any group or organization is eligible to nominate one individual/business; however the nominee must raise or feed livestock.  Individuals and families may not nominate themselves.
Criteria to be evaluated should include, but is not limited to:

  • Describe your cattle operation (example – cow/calf, registered herd, commercial herd, etc.) and include a brief history of your farm.
  • What conservation practices have you incorporated on your farm that have provided environmental benefits and promoted your cattle operation? (example – water trough, cross-fence, pest management, heavy use area, pond, etc. Also include any new technology, native grass plantings, etc.)

{Be sure to include an aerial photograph of the property where best management practices were installed and pictures of the practices after installation.}

  • What organizations have you utilized that support the cattle industry and promote soil and water conservation?
  • What is your vision of the future of the cattle industry and how does your operation fit this vision?


Nominee will have to sign a NRCS waiver form to release an aerial photograph with this application.  The form is available at your local NRCS office.

Nomination Instructions
All applications must be typed (12-point) and submitted on loose-leaf typing paper (8 1/2 x 11”).  Applications, including any documentation, may not exceed 12 pages.  Color photographs are encouraged. Please provide brief descriptions beside the photographs.  Videotapes will not be accepted.  Packets will not be returned.
Completed nomination forms are due (or must be postmarked) by _________________

Mail to: