District Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of the Year

The objective of the District Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of the Year Award is to recognize the individual who has best-demonstrated capabilities in the areas of leadership, information/education, financing and new programs.  Each nomination shall be in a narrative form highlighting accomplishments.  The narrative is limited to two pages in length and shall not contain references to the nominee or county.  A cover sheet must accompany each narrative containing the nominee’s name; the district served and must be signed by the district chairperson.  A District Commissioner/Deputy Commissioner of the Year will be selected by each MACD Area to represent the area for statewide judging.  This award will cover a one-year time frame from one MACD Summer Meeting to the next.  The narrative will be judged based on the following categories.  Under each category are suggested guidelines that may be used.

  1. Leadership (30 points)
    1. Serves as an officer of district, area or state committees
    2. Represents district at local, area, state, and/or national meetings
    3. Meets with other agencies and groups
    4. If a farmer, personal farm exhibits proper resource conservation
    5. Demonstrates ability to work with all segments of the public
    6. Assists with development and implementation of the District Business Plan
  1. Information and Education (20 points)
    1. Provides assistance to schools
    2. Promotes special projects (Tree Planting Week, Field Days, etc.)
    3. Promotes district program through development of district newsletter or other media
  1. Financing (30 points)
    1. Meets annually with Board of Supervisors and reviews district programs as to accomplishments and financial needs
    2. Assists district in carrying out successful membership drive and/or other financing programs of the district
  1. New Programs (20 points)
    1. Programs implemented within the last year
    2. Expansion of existing programs
    3. Creation of new programs